The organizing committee invites you to attend the 32nd SMYTE meeting (Small Meeting on Yeast Transport and Energetics) that will be held in Montréal on August 27-30 2014. The SMYTE meeting is held annually since 1983 and gathers scientists interested in transport and energetics in yeast and other model organisms. The meeting will cover many aspects of transport such as structure, function and regulation of transporters, sensing and signalling pathways, multidrug resistance mechanisms, metabolic and energy regulation and related pathways.

The meeting will be held at the Hotel Omni Mont-Royal located in downtown Montreal. The meeting will begin on Wednesday night  (August 27) with a keynote lecture followed by a reception. The following days will consist of oral presentations, a poster session and a gala dinner.

Montreal is located on the St. Lawrence River and is characterized by a mix of European ambiance and North American style. Montreal is one of the world’s largest French-speaking cities, with 3.8 million people in the metropolitan region. Montreal is a melting pot of cultures from the world over—as witnessed by its mosaic of ethnic neighbourhoods and the diversity of its restaurants. 

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal.

The Organizing Committee

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Montreal - Canada


Join Us in Montreal!

32nd Small Meeting on Yeast Transport & Energetics 

August 27-30, 2014 

Photos of Montreal are from Tourisme Montréal